Soundproof Canopy



Low noise series
In order to meeting the requirements of environments of environmental protection and the special requirements of users, by scientific design and adopting the most advanced technologies, such as acoustics and aerodynamics fields, ATECHI genset low noise series generator unit has reduced the noise level between 68dB(a)-75dB(a)(by measuring seven meters away from the noise source), Functions can be divided into the following: canopy type of the lower noise, movable type of lower noise, and noise reduction in the machine room.
Container power station series
This series power station can be directly mounted in the respective containers according to the dimensions of the working unit, very easy to be lifted up, transported and applied. Again according to the requirements from our customers, we can install in the container a built-in eight hourly working fuel tank, preserving the place for operation, maintainance and on-duty rooms.
Skid type series
  This series products can be defined as two types, two wheeled and four wheeled: mono-spindle structure and dual spindles structures depending on the actual power rate requirements from our customers, installed eight hourly working in-built fuel tank, with springs to reduce the vibration, and braking system, rain proof covers and visible operation control screen, which design style is quiet suitable for the users to do the maintenance and operation. Skid types can be one hanging in the vehicle and one loaded in the automobiles.
  In accordance with requirements from our customers, we can add cables, cable trays and attachments(for options).